Formulated to Lose the Smell

BioAction is very effective at getting rid of bathroom smells and here's why: it's been specially formulated by really smart people who know about chemistry and wear lab coats. Seriously though, BioAction works in four phases:

Phase 1 - Disrupt

As soon as BioAction hits the organic waste causing the smell the bio-surfactants react with the protein molecules to disperse them into smaller pieces. They are off to the races.

Phase 2 - Disassemble

Remember the robot in those 80's movies? "No disassemble Number 5!" Well, the second phase is kind of like that, but it's not a robot, it's small, smelly molecules shouting in unison. The enzymes in BioAction act as catalysts to break down the now smaller protein molecules into simpler organic compounds such as amino acids and triglycerides.

Phase 3 - Destroy

In the third phase bacteria and white rot fungi open a can on these amino acids and triglycerides, transforming them into simple, low molecular weight, hydrocarbon molecules. Try saying that five times fast.

Phase 4 - Dissipate

Finally, these remaining hydrocarbons are metabolized by good bacteria leaving only carbon dioxide and water as the final products. The water dries up and evaporates and the carbon dioxide floats into the air like it will when you can finally breathe again. Sigh of relief.