Try BioAction and Lose the Smell


Starter Package

The Starter package has everything you need to take back the fight and lose the smell in your bathroom.

  • 1 bottle of BioAction
  • 1 pump-up sprayer
  • $89.95
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The Re-Fill package is for those who have already taken a stand, bought the Starter package, and need more BioAction to continue the process.

  • 1 bottle of BioAction
  • $64.95
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PayPal for the win

Our Guarantee

BioAction is guaranteed to lose the smell or you get your money back and we'll eat one of those useless urinal pucks*. Make sure to check out the troubleshooting guide and the FAQ first, and get in touch with us if those aren't helping.

* Eating a urinal puck will kill a person; in fact, even breathing in their scent is dangerous. We probably won't kill ourselves over bathroom smell, but seriously, we're pretty confidant in our product.

How Much Do I Get?

BioAction is a concentrated chemical in order to give you more for your money.

We could make this product ready to use, but do you really want to pay for water? And then pay more in shipping charges for sending water across the country? We didn't think so.

BioAction versus The Other Guys