Eliminate Smelly Public Bathrooms

Use BioAction to eliminate the smell in your bathroom. You don’t have to put up with holding your breath any longer.

It only takes a minute to spray on the source of your bathroom smell and BioAction will take care of the rest. It’s fast, painless, and safe.

Lose the Smell in 3 Easy Steps

  • Accept that you face the same problem we all do in every bathroom
  • Buy a bottle of BioAction and be prepared to take action
  • Control the stink once and for all and reclaim your right to breathe

Try BioAction

A Revolution on Stink

Face it, bathrooms smell. They're awful; they turn us away while we hold our breath, but, for some reason we accept it.

No longer! We’re calling for a revolution on stink.

BioAction is a mixture of high-strength bacterial cultures, white-rot fungi enzymes, micro- and macro-nutrients, surface tension suppressors, and bio-surfactants.

In English?

That just means that this bottle is full of really small and really hungry one-celled organisms, floating around in the perfect elixir, ready to be sprayed on the source of your bathroom odour. Once applied they head straight for the organic waste causing the smell and keep working until it’s all gone.

These organisms have been training their whole lives for the opportunity to show off their skills. And the reward for their hard work? No more stink!